Monday, September 23, 2013

A New Beauty Paradigm

Currently we have a perceptual veil that interferes with our ability to see the truth.  Like looking through a clouded mirror it distorts our ability to truly see who we are and the true beauty we possess. 

Through the aging process we accumulate beliefs, memories, experiences, and information that contributes to the way we see the world, which is known, as perception.  There are very few of us that seem to question or suspect that this may be an illusion.  Most of us do not realize that our perception is a compilation of accumulated beliefs, feelings, past knowledge and conditioning due largely to our own individual exposure in the world.

Our perceptions are based on our individual experiences of "self" that are generated from our memories of past occurrences.  There aggregated life experiences/memories/stories are not fully integrated into the "self", and tend to create more confusion and separateness than inclusion or connection.  This separate "self" is referred to as the "ego" that part of "self" that reacts to life experiences in non-productive ways.  They can be categorized as fight, flight or freeze, these responses generally support negative ways of being.  The goal here is to increase consciousness that would enhance the probability of integrating these past perceptions through our heart and soul with the intention to culminate a more loving and kind perception of "self" and other.

This loving and kind perception of "self" is going to increase are feelings of self-worth as well as a connection to "self" and other that will change our internal perceptions of beauty giving us a more balanced and realistic evaluation.  Which is not available to the divided ego's view of "self" that is disintegrated, disconnected and distorted.  This is the paradigm shift that is necessary for the development of our children and our children's children.

I am proposing that every woman has their own individualistic "beauty principles"  meaning that no two women are ever alike.  Instead of striving for an unrealistic image of "self" that is a futile and never-ending journey with no joy in sight.  A journey destined for failure and leading to excessive time and money spent trying to achieve an external appearance that is highly improbable if not impossible!

Therefore what I am proposing here is the "Beyond Beauty Principles" which assert that beauty is comprised of the following categories:
  • Physical Wellbeing,  consists of nutrition, hydration, sleep and fitness as well as our individualistic internal and external structure, in other words things that we can and cannot change, but we are still beautiful.  This means that we as women need to radically accept and love ourselves for who we are.
  • Psychological Wellbeing, consists of self-acceptance, meditation, quality relationships with others, self-sufficiency in thought and action, a sense of mastery and competence in the world, a sense of purpose and the pursuit of meaningful goals, a sense of self-realization and continued growth potential.
  • Spiritual Connection, consists of faith, forgiveness, healthy attachment, grace, compassion, acceptance, kindness, love, truth and gratitude.

A woman can raise her Beyond Beauty Principles by manipulating the elements defined above.  Any combination of modifying the above variables can increase a woman's beauty.

My purpose is to convince women to recognize that changing their minds about themselves can alter their internal and external beauty.  I want women to look at themselves in the mirror and visually see that there is a greater vision to be seen.  It is my belief that beauty is the sum of all of our parts.  So much of your beauty can change by changing your mind.  Let's all become a part of the "Beyond Beauty" paradigm shift we need in this world.
"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"  Mahatma Gandhi